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about drum john…

Jacksonville based Artist, Architectural Designer, Conservation Activist and DJ, John Drum, has made the most of every weekend the past three years on adventure.  Originally an Art Educator and then Local Restaurateur, John joined the Florida Architecture firm, Content Modern, in 2016 as an office manager and shifted into production full time after a year.  Focusing on Architectural Design production gave way to creative weekend adventures between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Low Country of Carolina to North Florida. 

These travels began with a simple approach to living; starting anew in his 40’s with a car full of essential belongings and a 9 year old Boston Terrier named Tosca sitting shotgun.  As they took to the outdoors, documenting the sublime beauty of the South, the personal growth and the canine bond, a small following emerged on social media. As Tosca's health declined, she shifted from the trails to a backpack, piggyback or bike basket.  Her calming nature reflected the healing qualities found in time spent sojourning the South. With her passing, the travels continued, going even further into the wilderness with a lighter pack and heavy heart.  Self-portraits and pocket props are the new subject matter in natural setting these days as a scrappy rescue dog, Tank, is finding his way through social rehabilitation joining the adventures.

John’s understanding of photography began in the darkroom in the early ‘90’s.  As technology progressed, his monochrome photography has given way to the iPhone. From mountains, to springs, to murals and marshes, each image captured is a well-earned physical endeavor dipped in dopamine and saturated in serotonin.  Add to this John’s passion for oceanic and maritime conservation as a land crew coordinator and director of beach clean ups with the international conservation society Sea Shepherd, the merging of documentation, conservation and compassion has brought him to creating sculptures from found objects an recycled materials for his first group show.

The daily focus on design and detail feeds the magic that appears from and of nature in this photographic collection following the timely breakdown of mountain rock to sediment to sand to sea.  The passion is in visual storytelling, even with shifting scenes, muses and shores.    You’ll find original content poetry as well as quoted verses and lyrics that support the visual story with geographic locations.

The reach of the travels has landed John and Tosca on a mural in downtown Orlando, had them work together on a wall in Marietta, Georgia and facilitate workshops on iPhonography with a pet-med marketing company from Atlanta.  With three group shows in photography and sculpture this year, the adventures are just beginning to unfold.

email: travelswithtosca@gmail.com

Instagram: @travelswithtosca